About WhitFox

WhitFox is a collaboration of like-minded people with varying interests in environmental and energy efforts. We share a common commitment to the smart and selective application of time, effort and funds toward achieving agreed upon goals – we align ourselves with clients to whom we are certain we can bring value, we can feel good about adopting their aspirations as ours, and who have initiatives that we know fit the scope of our offerings.

Some of us live in rural areas and some are urbanites but we all share a sense of purpose and pride in what we do, shown by a commitment to leaving the world a better place and working in a way which best utilizes our strengths. As a woman-owned small business (WOSB) we match the right team to your project requirements, ensuring our part in your project’s success regardless of scope or size. If you have a project or initiative that touches on National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Environmental Site Assessment, Clean Water Act (CWA), Feasibility Planning, or if you’re unsure about your initiative’s environmental requirements we will help you navigate the regulations in a clear and timely manner.


We value integrity, collaboration, and trust. We excel as part of an integrated team, adopting your project as our own. We let the simple parts stay simple but have the experience to recognize and resolve possible complexities or challenges that may affect goal achievement. We communicate with the larger team to ensure the opportunity to engage in avoidance planning or challenge resolution at a level that is most effective. We have the courage to offer off-the-beaten path alternatives if we think it’ll get us to the goal more effectively and we match our risk-tolerance to yours because we value the opportunity to be part of your team.