Rollins Ford Road

Client:Rollins Ford Road
Date:Nov 11, 2015

Drees Homes began in 1928 with a strong work ethic, a relentless, single-minded dedication to the American Dream, and construction of a little brick cape-cod in Wilder, Kentucky as the first Drees home. When their Glenkirk Development and the associated Rollins Ford Road project was in the planning stages, they retained Whit Fox scientists to provide Clean Water Act support for the development.

Sensitive ecological features were avoided and where impacts from development of either the residential or the road project were unavoidable, the Least Environmentally Damaging Alternative was selected. A hybrid of both off- and on- site mitigation locations were chosen based on a combination of itemized success criteria identified by the development team and economic analysis. The project included close coordination with government agencies and execution of aquatic and terrestrial habitat assessment according to county, state, and federal protocols during preparation of conceptual and final mitigation plans. The conceptual plan and CWA permitting addressed both stream and wetland impacts by incorporating significant in-stream restoration; wetland creation and enhancement; extensive floodplain and riparian area plantings; and upland planting using native grasses, shrubs, and saplings.

Representatives from Whit Fox provided Wetland and Stream Delineation, Preservation Area Site Assessment, Clean Water Act Permitting; extensive coordination with federal, state, and local agencies including the US Army Corps of Engineers and Virginia Department of Environmental Quality; and Construction Monitoring and Reporting.